Suzanne Franco


Hi … My name is Suzanne Franco (Land) and I’m a wife and mother to 5 amazing kids (my 3 and his 2 – ages 14 to 21) and we live in the Texas Hill Country where we try to spend a lot of time in the water (river, boating, wakeboarding, the beach, etc.) and running from one kid’s sporting event to the other (mainly football, cheerleading, and soccer).

I run several online businesses and I really enjoy working from home.

I love to blog and, in fact, I was the Season 2 winner of the “Blogging Idol” competition and that was great fun! As an “old lady” (in the blogging world anyway LOL) … I’m sure I shocked the heck out of the predominantly young, male contestants … I enlisted the help of my friends and family while I invested 20 hour days (literally) during that contest and I am truly proud of my accomplishment … and grateful to them for their love and support.

I absolutely LOVE helping other people find legitimate ways to make money online through blogging, building niche stores, affiliate marketing … and by using social media to grow their network and circle of influence.

I want to be a huge online success and I firmly believe that Zig Ziglar had it right on the money when he said, “If you help enough people get what they want … you’ll get what you want.”

I hope you’ll take a minute to introduce yourself and let me know what you do online. And please let me know if there’s something I can help you with … it’s usually pretty easy to reach me and you can find some of the sites where I “hang out” below. *SmiLes* Suzanne

P.S. Let’s connect OK?

Twitter (I tweet about blogging, making money online, social media, and life in general)

Facebook (This page is a mixture of my business and personal life – full of pictures and all fun stuff)

Instagram (a visual look into my world lol)

YouTube (This is mostly video training I’ve used on my blog – but it’s an easy way to watch and learn)


Thanks again for stopping by and I hope we get a chance to connect!

If you need to reach me please feel free to use the Contact page.


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