Blog Tutorial

Blog Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions for

Getting Your New Blog

Set Up and Online …

For only $7.50!

So you want to start your own blog? This blog tutorial will teach you how to set up your new blog … with step-by-step instructions. I will be showing you how to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog … and it’s very simple … I promise.

Once you have your new blog online I will show you how to start blogging and how to start marketing your blog so you can get traffic to your new site. I will even show you how to monetize it (you know … how to make money with your blog LOL) so let’s get started.

Be sure you bookmark this page so you can use it as a reference while moving from step to step.

Step One

Go search for and purchase your new domain name. I prefer to use Go Daddy for all of my domain purchases. Go to Go Daddy and “create an account” (link at the very top of the page).

Once you’re registered and logged in you can go to the tabs across the top and click on “Domains.” From there you can search for your desired domain name. If it’s available you can start the process for purchasing it.

Keep in mind they will offer you a ton of add ons but just keep looking for the “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue to Checkout” button until you get to the shopping cart. I do not recommend their hosting due to some limitations regarding some of the ways I make money with my blog so again, I would continue on to the shopping cart.

Once you get to the shopping cart you can enter the discount code: OYH7 … this coupon will give you your domain name for only $7.49.

Once your domain name order has been processed you will get an email from Go Daddy confirming the registration. Keep your Go Daddy user name and password handy because we will need to log in to point the new domain name to your new hosting account.

Step Two

Now let’s get your new hosting account all set up.

I can’t say enough about Host Gator hosting! I personally use them for my businesses and they are very well respected. Their hosting service and their customer service is second to none.

Go to Host Gator and click on the top left box, “Hosting.” On the next page click the button, “I will use My Existing Domain and update My Nameservers only.” Enter your domain name. Use the pull down and for the hosting type select the “Baby” hosting. This hosting is only $9.95 a month and includes unlimited domain names and unlimited usage for your account. Once you chose the Baby package and click you will see a place to enter your coupon. The coupon code: hgc25 … and then hit “Calculate Totals.” This coupon code will take $9.94 off your first month of service (making it only a penny!). Click “Continue” and then enter your payment/billing information.

Once you set up your hosting account you will receive an email from Host Gator with your account information along with your domain name servers (dns). You will need this information for Step Three.

Step Three

Now we are going to go to Go Daddy and set up your domain name to point to your new hosting account. It’s very easy once you know what to do.

Go to and log in. Then go to the top tab, “Domains” and then select “My Domains.”

Check the box next to your domain name and then chose the icon across the top of that window that says, “Name Servers.”

When that window opens select, “Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere).” Below this there are three boxes. Two of these will be filled out. Delete what’s in there. Now enter the two nameservers that came in your Host Gator email. Now hit the “OK” button.

This will point your domain name to your new hosting account. They say to give it up to 72 hours to “propagate” but it usually only takes a few hours.

Step Four

Now we are going to add WordPress to your hosting account. Very easy I promise!

Type your domain name in the browser window and add “/cpanel” to the end of your domain name. This is how you access your hosting account and you will need your Host Gator user name and password. For example if your domain name was … you will type into your browser. It will prompt you to log in so enter your user name and your password. If it says that the domain cannot be found then you will need to wait for your domain name to finish propagating.

Once you’re into your C-panel scroll down towards the bottom of the page and look in the second to the last box (in the middle) and click on the happy face that says, “Fantastico De Luxe.”

In the left column under “Blogs” click on the “WordPress.” Now click on the “New Installation.”

Now enter the following:

  • Install on domain – Select your domain name
  • Install in directory - Leave Blank
  • Administrator-username - Enter the username you want to use to login to your blog’s admin panel (you can use “admin”).
  • Password - Select the password you want to use to login to your blog admin panel.
  • Admin nickname - The name you want people to see on your blog … for instance when you make a post or reply to your readers’ comments.
  • Admin e-mail - Delete what’s there and enter YOUR contact email.
  • Site Name - Enter the name of your blog.
  • Description - Enter a short description of your blog.

Once you’ve completed the above click on “Install WordPress.” Then you will click “Finish Installation.”

Be sure you email the completion page or print it out for your file. It contains your admin login information (user name, password, etc.).

That’s it! You’re done …

Congratulations on setting up your new blog!

To log into your blog admin page go to your domain name /wp-admin. Using our earlier example Here you will enter the admin user name and password that you selected.

Be sure and look around the blog for tips and ideas on how to market your blog and how to make money with your blog. You can also contact me any time with questions.

Suzanne Franco

P.S. If you use my links above to purchase your domain and/or your hosting service I will give you a FREE seat in my Blogging for Bucks BootCamp and I have some extra bonuses for you too … so just shoot me an email and let me know!