I Am Looking to Mentor 10 People to Online Success

by Suzanne on September 30, 2013

I just had a birthday last week (and I’m not telling which one! LOL) … and it caused me to do some reflecting … and here’s what I found.

Ken and I live an amazing life! We really do! And I wish more of my friends had the time and financial freedom we have … but most simply do not. I get a lot of comments and messages, “geez you guys are always on vacation” … or … “you’re so spoiled girl – I want that!”

And the number one question I get is “how would I do what you do online Suzanne?” Most people I know would love to work from their laptop/smart phone … and make a lot of money … right?!

The only thing holding them back is lack of knowledge … and … FEAR OF FAILURE! So what if YOU had someone who was willing to mentor you … and show you every step of the way … WHAT TO DO AND EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT … would YOU go for it? Well … here’s your chance.

I am going to personally mentor 10 people online … NO CHARGE for my time or instruction ($95/hour value!).

Want to take advantage of this offer?

Read the rules:

1. You MUST honestly want to change your life (sorry … this one is a MUST)!
2. You MUST want to start and run your own online BUSINESS
3. You MUST be coachable
4. You MUST have at least 10 hours per week to work on your new business
5. You MUST be willing to use social media the way I teach you to do it (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – NOTE: If you do NOT have an account with any of these sites PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I TEACH YOU HOW TO PROPERLY OPEN AN ACCOUNT BEFORE DOING SO!)
6. You MUST MUST MUST be an honest, nice … good person! I am … and I like to surround myself with like-minded people!
7. You MUST have some money to start your own business – it’s a BUSINESS … and it costs money to start a BUSINESS (bare minimum is about $100 – $150 bucks)
8. You MUST send me a message here and tell me why you want to do this and how it would positively impact you and your family. I am serious about your success and I want you to be serious about your success.

Whether or not this is a “fit” for you would you please do me a favor and use the “share” buttons so others will be given the same invitation? THANKS! I really appreciate it!

Here’s to your success! *SmiLes* Suzanne

P.S. Would you like some help making money online? Did you know that sites like Amazon and eBay will pay you to help them sell items that are listed for sale on their site? I can show you how I do it k? Click the banner below or contact me here for more info!

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