Live Video Challenge (Video Post)

by Suzanne on February 25, 2011

This week I took a challenge from online friend, Dani, on her Dani Nir-McGrath | Home Business Success Tips & Motivation, FB page to make a live video recording and post it to her page. Some participants did a business video (business as usual), some did a tour of their site as an introduction, and I chose to talk (vlog) about how we can avoid doing video by coming up with excuses – most of which are just insecurities and quite honestly unfounded and petty.

So that got me wondering … how many of you actually use video online? Is it live video or more of a screen capture video? Do you have your own insecurities that keep you from creating videos more often (or even EVER)? I for one know that if I’m looking to learn from someone online who’s “been there done that” and is even willing to take the time to record how to do something … I’m not terribly concerned about whether or not they’re having a “bad hair day” or if they’ve taken the time and energy to put on some makeup. What about you? Would that ruin your viewing experience or are you just happy to have the video to watch?

I’d love to hear your thoughts are on doing live video so please participate by posting a comment below … have you done them? Do you enjoy it? Do you feel insecure? If so, about what? Please, please, please … let us hear from you on this one ok? *SmiLes* Suzanne

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