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by Suzanne on July 16, 2008

Every day I have someone emailing me or even calling me asking how to actually make money online.

I personally believe that one of the simplest ways to get started with an online business is to get set up with a good affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is the business of marketing other people’s products and services in exchange for a reward – money! An affiliate network is a company that has made a business of matching up advertisers and publishers.

The advertisers are paying the publishers a commission to go out and market and sell for them. The publishers are those who specialize in the advertising and marketing of products and services on the internet … that’s us.

You will usually be paid per sale, per lead and/or per action. A sale is a completed sale of a product. Per lead is basically where you drive traffic to an opt-in page and your referrals sign up to find out more about the product or service. Per action is where your referral performs a certain action such as: filling out a survey, applying for something like a credit card offer, or signing up for something like a singles site. Some of these per action offers are free and some of them require your referral to pay something … like maybe a free learning CD but they pay the shipping cost.

MarketLeverage is one of the best affiliate networks I could find. They have hundreds of products and services to choose from and their affiliate support is second to none! They are making a name for themselves by truly caring about the “little guys” out there who are blogging their hearts out every day.

It’s absolutely free to get signed up and it can be done through their simple online application process.

Once you get signed up let me know and maybe we can help each other brainstorm for the best products and services to promote on our blogs.

Market Leverage – Start Making Money Today!

P.S. There’s a really cool contest that Jason (The University Kid) is hosting that is sponsored by MarketLeverage … you could win a Wii or a Flip Mino (oh … pick me! pick me!) so go check it out and tell him Suzanne sent you over!

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