Suzanne Franco ~ the Newest Blogging Idol?

by Suzanne on November 1, 2008


Suzanne Franco ~ the Newest Blogging Idol?

Suzannnnnnne Franco …. Come onnnnnn down … you’re the next contestant on Blogging Idol 2!

I’m so excited right now! November 1st … today is the day I’ve been dreaming about!

I’m on a quest to earn the title of “Blogging Idol” in the second ever Blogging Idol contest held by Daniel Scocco on his blog, “Daily Blog Tips.” The contest will run from November 1, 2008 through November 30, 2008.

I really want this! I mean really, really … really! So if you’re willing to help me earn this title I’m willing to do some great things for you too!

For the past year and a half I have been working feverishly to launch my “Blogging for Bucks BootCamp” and it’s nearly complete. In exchange for your support and for helping me attempt to win this contest I’m going to give you a spot in my upcoming BootCamp … for FREE.

Blogging for Bucks BootCamp is a very extensive class that will teach you from start to finish how to actually make money blogging and I promise you no detail has been overlooked. It’s going to retail for $297 so that ought to tell you how much work I’ve put into it and how much I appreciate your willingness to help me take a stab at winning this contest. I’m going to be limiting the class size so you better hurry up and get in on this one NOW!

Read Some Details About Blogging for Bucks BootCamp

It won’t take you but a couple of minutes to help me out and in exchange you’ll receive my $300 gift … for FREE!

So … here’s what I need you to do for me:

Subscribe to my RSS Feed Here on My Blog

Cast Your Vote for Suzanne Franco!

  • Once we start the voting phase I’d appreciate it if you’d go to Daniel’s site and cast your vote for Suzanne Franco as the next Blogging Idol.

Blog About My Quest to Be the Next Blogging Idol

  • If you really want to see me take this thing you can also blog about my mission to be the next Blogging Idol and link back to this post (preferably with the anchor text “Suzanne Franco ~ the Next Blogging Idol”). If you do this  for me … I’ll add your site to my Sponsor Directory page. You’ll get a FREE link (using your anchor text) with a 200 character description of your site. My blog has a PR3 so you’ll get a great backlink and this is also a great way to get the word out about your site and to hopefully bring you some new visitors.

Let Me Know You’ve Done So

After you’ve subscribed please use the “Contact Suzanne” contact form to let me know you’ve supported me in my efforts and I will reserve your spot in my upcoming “Blogging for Bucks BootCamp.” By the way, if you’re already a subscriber to my blog just go vote for me when it’s time and let me know you’ve done so … and I’ll save your “seat” too.

I will be launching the BootCamp sometime in December 2008 so watch my blog for more details and a start date here soon.

Pretty Easy Huh?

That’s it … I know you were probably expecting something much more difficult … but it’s that simple! Subscribe, Vote … Blog!

It would be great if you’d also leave me a note and show your support here in the comments section. Thanks! *SmiLes* Suzanne

P.S. If you really feel passionate about helping … I would also appreciate any other support you’re willing to offer to help me promote i.e. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. … and maybe even a Stumble or Digg of this post!

Q’s and A’s:

Q. What is Blogging Idol?

A. It is a contest hosted by Daniel Scocco, Daily Blog Tips, where contestants compete in three categories: (1) Increase in RSS subscribers, (2) Voting by the Readers (that’s you), and (3) Votes by 3 judges (Daniel Scocco, Daily BlogTips; Ricky, Keyword Country; and Jarrod, Sponsored Reviews). They will each cast their vote for the contestant who uses, “the most clever and effective strategy for gaining RSS subscribers and for promoting the blog.”

Q. Why is winning this contest so important to you?

A. Truthfully … for a number of reasons. But, first and foremost because my kids caught wind of this and there is no way I can let them down! They’re already pretty much convinced that I AM the Blogging Idol. If you have kids … you’ll understand this one. I also really want to prove to myself (and to them) that if I work hard enough at this … I will succeed. There are also some great prizes up for grabs: some blogging tools and training, advertising … and cold hard cash! Now, these things are great … but if you’ve known me for any amount of time you’ll also know that I’m very competitive and I just plain want to WIN this title … and I’m willing to work very hard to earn it.

Q. Who will benefit from the BootCamp?

A. Anyone who has a blog or would like to start a blog … and make money with their blog.

Q. Can I give away my spot for the BootCamp?

A. Yes, I will allow you to give your “seat” away. You will just need to let me know who will be getting this great gift from you.

Q. How will you know if I’ve subscribed or not?

A. I will ask you for the email address that you used to subscribe and it must remain actively subscribed throughout the contest period (through November 30th).

Q. How will you know if I’ve voted or not?

A. Well … because you’ll tell me you did … and I appreciate your honesty. I will also mention that voting is not a requirement to get a spot in my BootCamp. Please vote for my blog if you feel I’ve earned it!

Q. Do you have some email wording so I can send this information out to my email list?

A. Yes, please use the “Contact Suzanne” form and I will get it to you promptly.

Q. How long will my listing stay in the Sponsor Directory?

A. Your listing will remain in the Directory as long as I have the blog online.

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Suzanne Franco Land - I am an online marketing expert who loves to use blogging (winner: Blogging Idol Season 2), video marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more ... to make a full time income online. If you would like to hear more about how I make my online income please use the contact us link or use any of the social icons below to reach me. *SmiLes* Suzanne

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Jordan November 27, 2010 at 8:39 pm

What is it all about? I am simply compelled to think that how much time usually people have in order to do such kind of things. The blogger who has opened this contest is so much FREE? I have a lot more better things to do then to compete in such a contest like this one! Whoa people, grow up please!
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