The 3 Steps You MUST Take to Make Money Online!

by Suzanne on September 14, 2015

I’ve been online for many, many years (I got the domain in 2001) and I’ve made some pretty good money online. But I’ve also made a lot of mistakes! The biggest mistake I’ve made in my online journey is not building my list early enough … and once I did … not nurturing it and not treating it as a vital business asset (which it truly is).

Whether you have an online business, an offline business you’d like to promote using online ads campaign, or even if you don’t yet have a business … these 3 steps are the absolute best way I know to make money online. These online ads are being directed to landing pages, In the purest sense, landing pages capture a visitor’s contact information like name, email address, phone number or the like. Creating a high converting landing page, can be a daunting and protracted task for the marketer. That’s whi I recommend to use online tools that’s Alternative to Leadpages.

Everything I teach about how to make money online … must start with these 3 steps. They have to come FIRST!

STEP ONE: Set Up Your Mailing List

If you’ve been online for more than a week … you’ve probably heard the saying “the money is in the list.” Well, as corny as it is … it’s absolutely true! It doesn’t matter if you sell physical products, digital products … or haven’t yet started online … YOU MUST HAVE A LIST TO MAKE MONEY! I am not a very “techie kinda girl” so this step did NOT appeal to me at all!!! In fact, I put it off for many years and without a doubt it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my online career. It isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds … and … I’ll personally help you (so read this entire post to see how you can get my help for free).

STEP TWO: Set Up Your Lead Capture Pages

I wish I had understood lead capture pages when I first started online! I let fear stop me from digging in and really learning how to use lead pages to help me grow my mailing list … and in turn MAKE MONEY! Don’t make the same mistake I made ok?! The lead pages are the pages that will help you very easily grow your mailing list! The tool I use makes it soooo easy. I will help you get this up and running very quickly … and you will thank me … I promise you.

STEP THREE: Provide Value … and Sell (alternate the two)

It’s been said that if “the money is in the list” … “the fortune is in the follow up.” Once you’ve started and built a list … you have to KNOW WHAT TO DO TO MONETIZE IT! You want to get into the habit of providing value and selling to your list. A good ratio for this is value, value, value, sell … value, value, value, sell.

If you’ve been online for any amount of time … it’s most likely you already recognize these steps … but statistics say that it’s very likely you are not yet taking these steps in your online business!!! Almost all other “online marketing strategies” are used in conjunction WITH these steps in place! So do yourself a HUGE favor and take the time to master these. If not, you will be wasting a ton of time (and money) promoting online … with very little success.

Again, everything else I teach about online marketing … should only be done AFTER these 3 steps are completed!

My Killer Offer to YOU!

S0 … here’s my offer to you. If you would like my personal one-on-one coaching (and help) in setting up these 3 steps (free of charge – normally $95/hour) do the tasks below and I will help you! (Yes, I will help you free of charge if you do these steps FIRST):

  1. Go to and get an account
  2. Go to and get an account
  3. If you do NOT already have a business to promote
    1. Go to ClickBank and set up your account
    2. Go to JVZoo and set up your account

This will be a very limited time offer … and I only have so many hours in a day (I will have to cut this off once I’m booked) … so DO THIS RIGHT THIS MINUTE if you truly want my help for FREE! I honestly want to help you if you are coachable and ready to make some money online.  Please make sure you have done all three steps before you contact me for my help (or the first two if you already have a business to promote).

I’m excited to help you – so go get these done right this minute!!! *SmiLes* Suzanne

P.S. Once you are done … contact me here

Q & A

Q. Will this work for ______ (i.e. my own products, direct sales or mlm, selling physical products, etc.)?

A. Yes, this will work for ANY ONLINE PROMOTING no matter what you are selling!

Q. Do I have to set up the accounts to get your help?

A. I am an affiliate marketer … so I get paid some referral money if you set up these accounts using the links in this blog post. If you don’t want to use my links I will still coach you (my rate is $95/hour but worth every penny – money back guarantee)

Q. What if I already have a mailing list and/or lead pages?

A. Please contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you ok?

OK … here are the simple steps (they will open in new windows):

  1. Go to and get an account
  2. Go to and get an account
  3. If you do NOT already have a business to promote
    1. Go to ClickBank and set up your account
    2. Go to JVZoo and set up your account
P.S. Would you like some help making money online? Did you know that sites like Amazon and eBay will pay you to help them sell items that are listed for sale on their site? I can show you how I do it k? Click the banner below or contact me here for more info!

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